Elektrifiera det publika rummet

Quick Install Guide

Adding Electricity to Your Public Space Without Excavation!

Minimize cost, time and greenhous gas emissions

Follow this guide to enable charging capabilities for electric cars, e-scooters, electric bikes, etc. Enhance street furniture with charging capabilities for notebooks and cell phones as well as light poles for improved security.

Street Charging for EVs 1 - Existing pavement consisting of concrete slabs and an electric power cabinet.

Street Charging for EVs 2 - Remove concrete slabs from the electric power cabinet to desired location of charging point.

Street Charging for EVs 3 - Position the lower part of the transfer modules in the gap where the paving stones have been.

Street Charging for EVs 4 - Position the electric power cable in the transfer modules.

Street Charging for EVs 5 - Place connectors protecting electric wiring and builds stable foundation for charge post.

Street Charging for EVs 6 - The upper part of the modules and a charge post adapter are mounted.

Street Charging for EVs 7 - A charge post is mounted and electric power is turned on.

Street Charging for EVs 8 - The charge post is ready for service!

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Download Product Install Guide as PDF